New Paradigm (definition): a set of beliefs that replaces another set which is believed no longer to apply.

New Paradigm Design was built on the idea of a modern way of doing things and focuses on the importance of sustainable design and construction.

The average person spends around 128 of our 168 hours per week in their home, and often the other 40 hours in an office or workplace. A well designed home or work space will assist in improving quality of life and we use passive design principles - coupled with construction experience and global awareness - to bring you a service that caters for your every design and building need.

As a building design and architectural drafting business, New Paradigm Design can assist you through the following stages:

  1. Initial Design consultations
  2. Produce architectural plans necessary in obtaining building approval and/or development approval
  3. Assisting you to obtain the required information for the approvals such as engineering, certification, surveying etc.
  4. Referring you to reputable builders to get your project out of the ground!

If you are looking to get your project started please fill in the contact form or call us on 0412 495 878 for a free consultation.