For Builders

What we offer is an approach to design and drafting that builder's find invaluable:

  • The delivery of documentation that is prompt, concise, accommodating and simple in relation to your needs as a builder.
  • A service that avoids unnecessary and exorbitant practices to allow your budget and the client's budget to be allocated practically.
  • A direct and honest resource to help you achieve the best decision for your business and for your client's end result.

A typical set of architectural plans we provide include (but, are not limited to):

  • Cover page with artist impression etc.
  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Section Views
  • Slab or Sub-Floor layout plan
  • Electrical Plan
  • Floor Covering layout plan (with floor areas)
  • Window & Door Schedule
  • Materials schedule (for new buildings)
  • Framing Set-out plan (for new buildings)
  • Driveway Section as necessary
  • General Notes
  • Standard Details

We can also provide 3D photo realistic rendering and internal wet area and kitchen elevations as an additional service to the architectural plans.

We are also happy to accommodate your requirements as a builder, please let us know.