For Homeowners

We will guide you through the design stages and assist in obtaining approvals if you are:

  • Intending to design and build your ideal new home.
  • Already a home owner seeking to renovate your existing home to improve quality of life in your home space.
  • A business owner seeking to build or extend an office / bar / restaurant / shop / warehouse.
  • Seeking to build or renovate a home or unit development as a lucrative investment opportunity.

With our expertise in the industry, we can guide you to bring your ideas to fruition as efficiently as possible by offering:

  • Practical and functional design concepts.
  • Stylish design principles that do not lose sight of cost effectiveness.
  • Professional, industry aware advice on obtaining approvals and gathering the necessary documentation.

Upon completion of your design and architectural plans we can direct you to local builders, engineering firms, certification companies and town planning offices to get you to your goal.